Dialog Consultants™ Client Successes

About The Dialog Consultants™

Since TCG’s formation in 1982, a founding principal was the concept of a virtual subcontracted organization to provide consulting services. This design – novel at its conception – was implemented to provide our clients with the best available global talent, heightened flexibility, and lower costs compared to the competing business models which to this day remains monolithic.

This highly specialized global network which augments our internal expertise is called the Dialog Consultants™ and has over 100 renowned experts in both business and technology on exclusive retainer. Our Dialog Consultants™ members are handpicked based on both industry and commercial knowledge; thus TCG can ensure each report or project specifically includes key insights and knowledge from the most knowledgeable sources a cost-effective manner. These unparalleled experts include Nobel Prize winners, as well as executive suite experience including many former CEOs, CTOs, and Vice Presidents from several Fortune 500 organizations.

  • Our experts offer a wide range of expertise in both technical and industrial skill sets from catalytic and process technologies to material science and pharmaceuticals.
  • Our experienced consultants have many years of industrial proactive and real-world “know how”. In fact, over 90% of our consultants have more than 30 years in the field, with over 40% have more 40 years of industry experience to offer our clients.
  • Our Dialog Consultants™ has been so successful that TCG has been called upon by its clients on numerous occasions to lend our expertise in creating their own virtual technical service organizations.
  • Over 75% of our consulting base holds a PhD in their given field of study and many others hold advanced masters degrees in their field.
  • We provide one of the strongest field intelligence technology networks of any consultancy, continually feeding HQ with real-time information
  • Our numerous collaborations with Corporate Innovation Centers, Universities and National Laboratories allow for firsthand knowledge of newly breaking technical advancements.

This knowledge base, combined with our deep understanding of our clients, its business models and its goals make TCG the prime consulting group to deliver a highly concise, valuable analysis.