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TCG, The Catalyst Group - Client Success

Over the past 25 years The Catalyst Group reputation for experience has helped it to sustain a thriving business. We maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding our customers and their projects; however our reference list of customers includes the global leaders in the chemical, refining, natural gas, and associated process industries.

Our clients include some of the largest names in the industry including many Fortune 200 names.

To date we have completed over 600 projects, making us one of the most experienced consulting firms within the industry.

Case Studies:

New Market Entry and Value Chain Analysis
Multinational Chemical and Engineering Company
Challenge: What are the benefits and risks of venturing into a new catalyst and process engineering market segment?
• TCG established a clear understanding of the market that the client was interested in and the approximate investment potential that was under consideration
• A thorough benchmarking of the market space was conducted defining market share, technology comparisons, and a business SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the global players
• TCG’s “Dialog Consultants” were utilized to gain details on pricing and value chain variances among the various players. Service bundling strategies were analyzed.
• In consultation with the client, a short-list of business opportunities was obtained and TCG proceeded to do a complete analysis of these select companies looking for means to acquire or align with one of them
• Preliminary contacts were made with select targets floating ideas for further exploration
• Final recommendations with a risk-reward analysis was presented
Benefits Realized:
This was a major step-out analysis being considered by the client and TCG’s multi-phase project work was able to provide the details required to fully understand the market segment, value, opportunities and requirements to be successful in this industry sector.
Research & Development Strategic Evaluation and Development
International Oil Company
Challenge: What is the value of this IOC’s patent portfolio and what new research directions would hold the most promise for business expansion in the next five to ten years?
• A thorough portfolio patent analysis was done using select TCG consultants with expertise in various engineering processes
• Benchmarking of the major categories of IP patented by the client was performed versus other major competitors in order to identify under-utilized value or IP that, in reality, was of little value and thus presented a cost saving opportunity.
• Comparisons were provided of the major competitors, specifically looking at research funding trends and new corporate R&D initiatives, in order to position the client among their peers in an unbiased manner
• New growth markets, based on the clients competencies, were identified and analyzed providing justification for potential market entry and strategic R&D programs
• A day-long brainstorming session was held with the clients technology management team as well as TCG’s full team of consultants with special emphasis on select topics
Benefits Realized:
The client’s senior technology management team was provided with an unbiased third party evaluation of their research patent portfolio and needs for new strategic direction in order to be able to compete effectively in a ten year timeframe.
Due Diligence Evaluation of a Catalyst and Process Engineering Company
Catalyst and Process Engineering Company
Challenge: What is the actual value and potential of the “target” company versus what is provided in the Confidential Information Memorandum (IM) in terms of market share, technology valuation, market potential, customer base, and corporate infrastructure?
• TCG was provided access to the confidential IM and “war room” and did a thorough analysis of the data that was provided
• Routine (weekly) review sessions were held with TCG’s client in order to compare findings and outline the next steps in the due diligence process
• Each aspect of the target companies business was evaluated and benchmarked for accuracy in order to determine a true valuation
• A list of follow-up questions was submitted to the investment banker for clarification of various issues
• Manufacturing environmental site audits were conducted by TCG’s consultants acquiring publicly available documentation for validation
• An intellectual property analysis was performed as well as a IP valuation assessment
• Strategy acquisition scenarios were developed and researched in order to evaluate the best options and thus chances of success. TCG’s extensive network of contacts was utilized in order to gain a broad and accurate understanding of the specific due diligence process.
Benefits Realized:
Based on beyond the public domain information, as a result of our thorough market, business and technical due diligence TCG’s client was very well prepared to submit their bids and discuss synergistic opportunities with the target company.
Technology Benchmarking and Growth Opportunities
Multinational Chemical Company
Challenge: How does a company’s specific technology (product line) compare and contrast to those of their competitors, and are there adjacent sub-markets that could be easily leveraged to increase revenue?
• In consultation with the client, TCG identified the competitive technologies that would be benchmarked
• Based on TCG’s broad expertise in the chemical industry and using both public and internal knowledge, the clients specific technology offering was assessed versus the competitive offerings
• Customer interviews were done as a component of these technology benchmarking studies as it is the customer’s perception/knowledge/expertise with products that really allows for an accurate comparison
• Cross-interviewing the players are usually done as well, looking for areas of differentiation and possible market niche applications
• A SWOT analysis was performed that included manufacturing and pricing value chain comparisons as best as could be obtained
• TCG investigated and presented alternative markets for the specific technologies that could be pursued either through alliances or direct market entry, providing options and contacts
Benefits Realized:
TCG has done technology benchmarking for many clients who benefit from the new opportunities and improve their marketing and research directions which ultimately leads to increased sales and profitability.
New Technologies to Acquire or License
Global Engineering Process Licensing Company
Challenge: What new and emerging technologies (process, catalytic) are being developed that fit my competencies and would be available for acquisition?
• The first and most critical step in doing technology identification projects is to ensure that there is a clear definition of the project scope and requirements. TCG spends the required time up-front to have a clear scope and understanding of the investment guidelines and desired maturity of the technology (pilot scale, proven or fully commercialized)
• TCG searched the public domain and drew on internal knowledge to develop a preliminary list of opportunities. This can span across academic, governmental and industrial organizations and will be global by design
• For the preliminary list, enough information was obtained to allow for a prioritization of the technology and market opportunities
• Prioritization of the ideas occurred through discussions with the client that led to a short-list of less than five top candidates
• An in-depth analysis of the key technologies was done that included technical assessment and competitive threats as well as market analyses, in order to evaluate penetration effectiveness
• TCG contacted the key technology developers to assess availability and technology progress
Benefits Realized:
The client had documented technology opportunities and relevant contact information to consider with market and technical assessments. In some cases introductions were conducted with TCG’s assistance.
Evaluation of options for manufacturing expansion in China
Major Multinational Oil Corporation
Challenge: What are the best options and opportunities for a major international corporation to implement select specialty product manufacturing in China?
• A clear and focused project scope was obtained in consultation with the client to ensure The Catalyst Group (TCG) understood the specifics on the manufacturing requirements and essential deliverables from the project.
• A team of local consultants was formed and managed by TCG in China, with specific guidance on the project needs.
• Routine communication with the on-the-ground team was maintained to be sure the required information was obtained.
• TCG conducted interviews of companies that had already installed manufacturing capabilities in China in order to obtain a “Best Practices” overview.
• An exhaustive evaluation of business practices in China was done that included regulatory requirements, intellectual property issues, manufacturing options (grass-roots, acquisition, partnerships), financial aspects, infrastructure, and import/export procedures.
Benefits Realized:
The client was presented with a prioritized list of specific manufacturers in China who possessed the manufacturing capabilities and expertise required. Specific contact information was provided. In addition, TCG provided specifics on academic and governmental organizations within China that could be used to help leverage market entry.
Based on the extensive information the client was able to formulate a multi-year strategy based on factual information backed up by best practices and documented findings.
Catalyst or Chemical Market Benchmarking
Major Catalyst Manufacturing Company
Challenge: What are select competitors doing to grow their market share and profitability that can help provide new strategies and market direction?
• Competitive companies of interest to the client were selected and benchmarked looking at their technology portfolio, market share, market demographics, infrastructure capabilities and management philosophies.
• TCG internal expertise, as well as our “Dialog Consultants” familiar with the specific companies, were utilized to gather the information
• Validation of the information was obtained by conducting cross interviews of the companies looking for market strengths and weaknesses that led to a detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis for each.
• A series of review meetings were conducted with the client during the project in order to refocus on specific issues that were of special interest and to be sure questions were addressed – interactive communication leading to the best possible results in the shortest time
Benefits Realized:
TCG brought a sense of reality to the client in terms of an unbiased view of the competitive landscape as well as ideas and market growth areas that would offer opportunities and limited down-side risks.
In the following months the client took a more aggressive stance in terms of new technology introductions, as well as enhanced marketing campaigns, in order to enhance their market image, revenues and profitability. A sharper focus (stress test) led to a redeployment of limited resources.